SpotBot Cellular

SpotBot Cellular reduces the high cost of global supply chain damage through a real time, damage-monitoring device and service.

SpotBot Cellular helps supply chain managers, forwarders, truckers, quality and plant managers easily see where and when impact or temperature damage occurs and the severity of the damage from anywhere in the world. The service enables subscribers to stop damaged shipments early and address damage issues as they happen. It even works inside most refrigerated containers.

The damage information is delivered in real time to the SpotSee Cloud via SpotSee Connectivity, a unique and low cost global cellular communication method that works anywhere in the world that there is cellular coverage. SpotSee owns its own Mobile Virtual Network, enabling us to provide you with global messaging and cloud service anywhere in the world for less than $10 a month – that’s it – no roaming fees or surprise bills.

Once in the SpotSee cloud, your damage information is automatically analyzed in real time for quick and valuable damage insights such as location, time, severity and frequency of the damage. API’s are also available for customers who wish to plug the data directly into their own enterprise resource or logistics planning system.

SpotBot Cellular is a standalone logistics and supply chain damage monitoring device that delivers tri-axial impact monitoring and live tracking through cellular connectivity. It features real-time visualization through the SpotSee web based platform, the SpotSee Cloud. You can access your data in the cloud from any web-based device. The SpotBot Cellular transmits information using cellular technology, so the unit does not require line of sight to a satellite for position or communication.

SpotBot Cellular features best in class impact monitoring. It generates accurate data on impacts up to 65G, providing more than four times (4X) the range of the best competitive alternative (which captures impacts up to 16G). This range of impact monitoring is best suited for products between 100-60,000 lbs.With off-the-shelf lithium batteries, SpotBot Cellular delivers up to 75 days of monitoring (set to hourly summary reporting). This represents a battery life that is 50% (1.5X) more than next best competitor.

The user easily defines impact settings specific to the product being monitored and SpotBot Cellular will deliver a location and time stamp of alerts from impacts over the threshold. After the trip, the user can easily download a PDF file with the top ten largest impacts, a CSV file with the top 50 largest impacts, and a slot-time report from the SpotBot Cellular.

  • Real-time Visualization of Impacts
  • Best in Class Impact Data
  • Longest Battery Life
  • Flexible Settings & Download Capabilities